Domhnall O'Donnchadha Art Director
Domhnall O'Donnchadha Art Director

For Domhnall, there are few things as satisfying as fully immersing himself in a good story and then retelling it in a graphical way.

Prior to joining Impact, Domhnall worked for 10 years as a Designer and Animator for Fox News Channel where he produced a wide variety of motion graphics for broadcast to an international audience. Working closely with executive producers, Domhnall specialized in the research and execution of information graphics and recreations in a breaking news environment.

His skill in this regard is unmatched, and his work at Impact has benefited a variety of clients across the spectrum of industries and subject matter. During his tenure in this fast-paced environment, he was called for jury duty in a medical malpractice case. Astonished that the lawyers weren’t using visual aids to tell their stories, he realized he had found his niche.

When he isn’t in storytelling mode, Domhnall enjoys exploring lesser-known spots in downtown Manhattan and hanging out with his family on the New Jersey shore.


Pratt Institute (B.I.D. – Industrial Design)


New York
T: 212-967-0320
M: 347-489-6417