Raquela Petre Senior Designer
Raquela Petre Senior Designer

Originally from tropical Honolulu, Raquela grew up in Hawaii, dancing hula and swimming at local beaches.  She went on to attend San Francisco State University in California, where she graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Design and a B.A. in Japanese.  In the course of her studies, Raquela’s scholastic dedication earned her the opportunity to spend two years abroad in Tokyo and London while pursuing this dual baccalaureate.

Before joining Impact, Raquela worked at two product design and development firms in Mumbai, India.  Her graphic work included not only 3D product designs, but also logo design and branding; beautiful digital illustrations; flyers; and website design and layout.  A testament to her abilities, one brochure she created for a startup boosted inquiries by an impressive 40%.

Raquela’s passion for language and travel plays a huge role in her design sense.  She demonstrates a keen ability to interpret complex concepts—technical ideas that can become lost in translation when put in layman’s terms—and transform them into straightforward yet artful visuals. In more ways than one, living in other countries was a foreign experience; it helped Raquela hone her interpersonal and intercultural expertise.  This winning combination of understanding both what and whom it takes to create outstanding visual assets makes her an invaluable addition to any creative team.

Raquela now contributes her exceptional talents to projects at Impact.

In her free time, Raquela still loves to travel, which comes as no surprise. Her other leisure activities include reading, enjoying music, and spending time with her wonderful husband.

San Francisco State University in California (B.S. – Industrial Design)

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