A new way to mark and submit your deposition
designations and objections.

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Customize Your Objections

Go outside of the federal rules of evidence and mark objections that are unique to your case.

Overlapping designations?

Piece of cake. See something in the witness testimony that your adversaries don’t, feel free to designate the same testimony.

Save your paralegals some zzz’s

Your paralegals have plenty to do, save them from designations and maybe they can work in a little sleep as well.

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Customize your objections

Every case has its own unique set of facts and circumstances. DepoX™ allows you to select objections from the Federal Rules of Evidence and specific, customized objections that may uniquely relate to motions and rulings made in your case.

Notate overlapping or duplicative designation

For various reasons, you may determine that your adversaries’ designations also work for your case. DepoX™ is designed to color code overlapping designations and eliminate duplicative designations made by either party in errors.

No more wasted hours highlighting transcripts

The last thing your paralegals should worry about is marking and re-marking designations as they change and get whittled down. Simply change the designation entries on a spreadsheet and let DepoX™ do the rest!

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