Execution Matters

I worked with the Impact team on two major trials in two years. They are intelligent, responsive, generous and dedicated to delivering outstanding work, which they do every day, seven days a week. No question, I want them in my corner.


Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

With thousands of hours of courtroom experience and partnerships with many of the country’s top trial lawyers, we have mastered our trade of executing the presentation of evidence in the courtroom and streamlined the process of preparing for trial.
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Courtroom Presentation

At the core of Impact’s successful Technology Group is a team of highly experienced professionals who deliver perfect presentations in the courtroom. Intuition, speed and accuracy allow our technology experts to effectively and efficiently handle real-time challenges and deliver outstanding results every time.

Exhibit Processing

With proprietary software, we apply a customized stamp to each trial exhibit page and every document is branded and cross-referenced in a master database. This guarantees clear communication between counsel and presenter, while simultaneously ensuring an accurate court record.

Presentation Software Management

Every courtroom presenter on the Impact team has the expertise and knowledge to create and maintain a comprehensive trial database that contains all your exhibits and media. Our team of professionals will effortlessly handle all technical aspects of your presentation, allowing you to focus on the facts of your case.

Trial Preparation

As your team prepares for trial, we can be right there with you. Our professionals provide on-site support for run-throughs, witness prep, jury exercises and anything else that can help your team prepare for trial.

Equipment Testing and Setup

Our professionals work exclusively with well-respected, national litigation equipment vendors who also understand the importance of seamless support during trial. You can enter the courtroom with confidence that all equipment has been thoroughly tested and is ready for a flawless performance.

Deposition Clips

Reviewing hundreds of hours of raw deposition video is a daunting task. Our video professionals are experts at quickly creating, editing, and producing key deposition clips. We offer fast turnaround on raw video for review and final testimony playback during trial, along with the ability to simulcast exhibits.

Video Recording and Editing

Our team utilizes the latest in advanced video equipment and editing software to produce and edit compelling and effective video evidence for use at trial. We work alongside expert witnesses to help create videos used in reports, surveys and trial.


Our team is equipped and experienced with the latest and most advanced photographic equipment to meet your every need – from product photography to witness photographs for courtroom use and anything in between.

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