Kristin Zavodjancik Associate Art Director
Kristin Zavodjancik Associate Art Director

At Impact Trial, Kristin’s personal mission is clear: to elevate the art of visual communication to new heights by delivering information that not only educates but also inspires.

Kristin brings over a decade of expertise at the intersection of artistry, communication, and litigation support to her role at Impact. With a rich background spanning medical illustration, courtroom presentation, and creative design, Kristin has a passion for visual storytelling.

Prior to joining Impact, Kristin assisted both in and out of the courtroom on defense strategies for numerous medical malpractice cases, aiding clients ranging from doctors to hospitals in Boston’s mecca of medicine and beyond to achieve defense verdicts.

An East Coast native, Kristin graduated magna cum laude from Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.F.A. in Medical Illustration and a minor in Psychology.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kristin finds joy in quality time with family and friends, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and seeking out live music experiences.

Rochester Institute of Technology (B.F.A. – Medical Illustration)

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