Paul B. Miller Managing Director
Paul B. Miller Managing Director

As an experienced visual storyteller, Paul crafts compelling narratives through animation, motion graphics, composition, and design.

While studying Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University, Paul realized he needed a creative outlet to balance his technical skills. He double-majored in Engineering and Communications with a focus on writing and theater, before studying 3D Animation & Visual Effects at the Vancouver Film School. Paul seamlessly blends engineering precision with design creativity, infusing his projects with a unique perspective and distinctive viewpoint. He is a catalyst for visual excellence in legal communication and consistently evolves to meet the dynamic demands of the industry.

A legal graphics consultant with over a decade of industry experience, Paul has collaborated with some of the nation’s top trial lawyers to simplify complex technical information into easily digestible stories for general audiences. He has distinguished himself with his specialized focus on intellectual property cases that have benefited from his technical background, and has also advised on multimillion-dollar trials in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, environmental and banking.

In his free time, you can find Paul traveling the world, experiencing new cultures and cuisines, discussing movies or his favorite television series, and dissecting plots and plot holes with fellow film enthusiasts.

North Carolina State University (B.S. – Mechanical Engineering)
North Carolina State University (B.A. – Communications)
Vancouver Film School (3D Animation & Visual Effects)

San Francisco
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