Ally Wu Operations Manager
Ally Wu Operations Manager

Ally is a behind-the-scenes kind of gal. While her actions typically go unnoticed, her impact is nevertheless substantial. Her multi-tasking abilities, drive to enhance efficiency, and sprinkled traits of perfectionism mold her to be the perfect right hand woman in operations.

Prior to joining Impact, Ally worked in operations at a small fast-paced start-up. Given the company size, she was able to dip her toes into all aspects of operations. From performing generic administrative tasks to executing new business processes and everything in between.

Outside of work, Ally spends countless hours on Skyscanner looking for bargain flights as she slowly ticks off her bucket list to gradually travel the world, with a preference for SEA countries as she searches high and low for Gudetama merchandise.

Cornell University (B.S. – Information Science)

San Francisco
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