Nova Hayes Art Director
Nova Hayes Art Director

The role of a medical illustrator is to teach by distilling the complexities of life science and medicine into clear and concise pictures able to be easily understood by the target audience. At Impact, Nova applies this niche training to any case that comes across her desk. While medical devices, molecular visualization, and biotechnology remain at the core of her expertise, she utilizes her skills in 3D modeling, animation, video production, and illustration to support matters ranging from technology IP to voters’ rights.

After graduating cum laude with her BA in studio art, Nova began her career immersed in the contemporary art world. This experience, though valuable in many ways, also inspired the longing to create art with a purpose beyond personal statement and a place beyond gallery walls.

With her foundation in painting & drawing, paired with a love of biology, she went on to pursue a Master’s in Biomedical Visualization. As a medical illustrator, she has utilized her skill set visualizing cancer immunotherapy, making training material for clinical professionals, and here at Impact creating graphics to describe drug MOA and medical devices for litigation. She has been awarded by the Vesalius Trust for her research involving medical simulator design and had her work featured in Northwestern Public Health Review and the Journal of Biocommunication.

Besides drawing bones and organs, she loves sketching, birds, flowers, and insects in the field, riding anything on two wheels, exploring every corner of a new city, and still geeks out at an art museum whenever possible.

The University of Illinois at Chicago (M.S. – Biomedical Visualization)
San Francisco State University (B.A. – Studio Art, Painting & New Media)

Certified Medical Illustrator

San Francisco
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