Stu Lucero Trial Specialist
Stu Lucero Trial Specialist

Stu is passionate about finding unique applications for new and developing technologies in business. He has toured globally with high-profile musical acts as a tour manager and has acted as the direct line of support for legal counsel in his past roles as a paralegal.

Before joining Impact, Stu was a legal assistant at a San Francisco based law firm focused on criminal defense and civil litigation. He worked directly under lawyers at the firm, often assisting on dozens of cases at a time. He also redesigned the Operational structure of the firm’s databases and client on-boarding processes to optimize efficiencies as well as to support client intake scalability.

An Audio Engineer by trade, Stu has worked in both the entertainment and legal industry extensively. Given the unusual combination of skills he brings to the table, it’s as if the Trial Specialist job was tailor-fit to him. What better way to combine his love for “the show” with the master performances of lawyers in trial than joining the Impact team? If you asked him this question he’d answer, “None exists” through a beaming smile.



Expression College for Digital Arts (B.A.S. – Audio Engineering)

San Francisco
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