Alan Van Bui Senior Designer
Alan Van Bui Senior Designer

Alan started out as a print designer, but his desire to diversify his abilities has granted him the motivation to work for a wide variety of companies, developing marketing campaigns, staging photoshoots that have graced a variety of magazines, and spearheading branding initiatives. Alan always looks for new challenges and strives to exceed all goals, and that has led him to his new home at Impact. After graduating from Woodbury University, located in the heart of Burbank, California with a BFA, he was recruited by a branding agency that promoted the growth of the burgeoning Asian community in Los Angeles County.

Looking to develop his knowledge base, Alan began working as a global licensing designer, producing style guides and visuals for comprehensive sales material for the acquisition of new businesses and lead digital branding campaigns for social media channels. Next, he worked as a trend and apparel designer, with his responsibilities including creating artwork and logo driven graphics in line with trends and brand vision. He later expanded his resume beyond the scope of visual design and focused on conceptualizing show key art and interfacing with talent to assist them in implementing their on-air persona.

His passion for all things imaginative and innovative extends to his personal life. In his spare time, Alan enjoys cooking, floral arrangement, pottery, and coffee shop camping.

Woodbury University (B.F.A. – Graphic Design)

Los Angeles
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