Kate Fiebke Art Director
Kate Fiebke Art Director

Adaptable, diligent, and dependable, Kate specializes in creating digital graphics, illustrations, and 3D animations. With a demonstrated talent for rendering natural and artificial features alike, Kate has a technical style that lends itself perfectly to medical visualization.

From a young age, Kate expressed a strong interest in art and design. Kate was intent on observing and drawing the world around her. Growing up, she felt equally at home hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and exploring the busy streets of nearby Boston.

Naturally, Kate pursued an education in visual arts, earning a B.F.A. in Medical Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology. While studying there, she worked on a multidisciplinary project organized by the school’s Medical Illustration and Game Design & Development departments. Presented at Imagine RIT, the “Virtual Reality Arm” was an interactive educational tool that used Unity software and Oculus VR hardware to help people learn human arm anatomy.

When not behind a computer, Kate spends her time traveling and staying active.

Rochester Institute of Technology (B.F.A. – Medical Illustration)

New York City
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