Nansi Kiryakova Designer
Nansi Kiryakova Designer

Born into a family of passionate art enthusiasts, Nansi has always been immersed in a world of creativity and artistic expression. Raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, her journey led her to pursue a classic fine art education in Mural Painting at the National Art Academy in Sofia, followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Spatial Design at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. Her academic pursuits have honed her artistic and research skills, as well as developed her fluency in the Korean language.

Before joining Impact, Nansi was part of a team of young designers dedicated to developing a smart elevator for Hyundai Elevators. This experience pushed her to further develop her 3D building skills. Her deep engagement in academia also resulted in the successful publication of two papers.

Beyond her professional achievements, Nansi finds joy in crafting, painting and indulging in documentaries during her downtime. She also cherishes moments spent embarking on adventures with her husband and two beloved dogs.

Hongik University (M.F.A. – Spatial Design)
National Academy of Art (B.F.A. – Mural Painting)

San Francisco
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