Scott Perloff Senior Trial Specialist
Scott Perloff Senior Trial Specialist

While attending Penn State University, Scott found his passion for A/V production during his internship with the Division I hockey team. After graduation, he landed a job in litigation support and was a hot seat on a variety of matters surrounding medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury cases.

Throughout the past seven years, Scott has spent countless hours honing his technical skills both inside and outside the courtroom. He has faced down any challenge thrown his way, both as a hot-seater on the 50+ trials he has been on, and as a producer/editor of award-winning short films that he produces in his free time.

When he isn’t in a courtroom or behind a computer, you’ll find him in the gym, in the kitchen cooking with his fiancé, or in the crowd at Philadelphia sporting events.

Pennsylvania State University (B.A. – Telecommunications)

New York City
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