Corey Allen Senior Trial Specialist
Corey Allen Senior Trial Specialist

As an avid cook, Corey knows that when things heat up, all you need are good ingredients, the right tools, and a little creativity. He approaches trials the same way, with a cool confidence that put clients at ease even in high-stakes trials.

For over a decade, Corey has consulted on trials and arbitrations related to patent infringement, intellectual property, complex contract disputes, product liability, and criminal matters ranging from murder charges to white-collar crimes. Clients appreciate his ability to remain calm under pressure which he attributes to his practice of always having a back-up plan and contingencies for even the smallest of issues that may arise.

Outside of Impact and the courtroom, you can find Corey enjoying food at a new restaurant, attending a concert, or snowshoeing with his family and Bernese Mountain Dog.

University of Washington (B.A. – Political Science and Comparative Religion)

San Francisco
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