John Christopher Managing Director
John Christopher Managing Director

John is a big believer in Murphy’s Law. He approaches every case with the same mantra – anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong and implement counter-measures to ensure success. John always has a back up to every technology in place to ensure success in the courtroom – allowing both the clients and the Impact team to sleep easier at night.

John began his career more than twenty years ago in the music industry, working in recording studios and sound engineering for live shows. He brings that perspective into the courtroom. Since entering the trial technology field in 2001, John has served a multitude of trial teams in high-profile cases throughout the United States. He has also served as a national litigation manager, in charge of all trial technology support for a national firm.

Some of his career highlights including Macy’s Inc. v. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc, In Re: Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) Products Liability Litigation, In Re: IP, Rezulin Products Liability Litigation, JP Morgan Chase v. Liberty Mutual, et al., and Connecticut House of Representatives v. Gov. John G. Rowland. John was also the (Toronto site) lead consultant on the precedent-setting, multi-national Nortel trial that was held simultaneously in Toronto, Ontario, and Wilmington, Delaware. He has also served as a trial technology consultant on behalf of Chevron Corporation in their RICO suit against Steven Donziger and associates, on behalf of Edwards Lifesciences in their jury trial against Medtronic, which resulted in a global settlement of more than $1 billion, and on behalf of eBay and GSI Commerce Inc. in their successful defense against Rue La La shareholders. John’s years of experience and diverse background make him an essential asset to trial teams.

John is a movie buff and audiophile, but when he’s not in trial most of his leisure time is taken up with special requests from his two little girls to attend tea parties and perform emergency Barbie doll repairs.

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