Kilian Goltra Designer
Kilian Goltra Designer

Skilled in visual media, from¬†infographics and packaging to virtual- and augmented-reality environments, Kilian uses concisely executed design to distill important moments and articulate critical concepts.¬†Having grown up with Nintendo consoles and Game Boy devices, Kilian seeks to understand how others perceive and are similarly captivated by the images on today’s screens. He loves to engineer VR experiences, drawing on both his vibrant imagination and mastery of software-based solutions.

As an undergraduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Kilian pursued independent studies in virtual and augmented reality. His inspired efforts earned him a B.F.A in Graphic Design with a concentration in Literary Arts, with Honors. 

Prior to joining Impact, Kilian crafted visual-identity systems for several now-successful technology startups. He was also a design strategist at one of the world’s largest professional-services firms, supporting innovative projects for high-profile clients in the healthcare, energy, entertainment and automotive industry.

In his spare time, Kilian enjoys reading classic literature, watching Star Trek, and hunting down soup dumplings.


Rhode Island School of Design (B.F.A. – Graphic Design)

Los Angeles
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