Nancy Ramos Designer
Nancy Ramos Designer

Nancy, a Bronx native, developed a deep passion for all things digital design at the age of 14 once they picked up a copy of Photoshop. Little did they know that it would set the course for the rest of their life. From early web design to print production to video editing and beyond, Nancy has dabbled in nearly all that the Adobe Suite has to offer.

Nancy graduated from the State University of New York at Oneonta with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Art and a minor in Gender Studies. Since then, they have worked on various print catalogue productions, photography, and video & audio productions in a variety of industries. A well-documented jack of all trades, they love to learn everything about whatever subject they are working on. Before joining Impact, Nancy was a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Coordinator at a New York antiques auction house.

Outside of work, you can find Nancy playing video games, experimenting with recipes, attempting to become an amateur Powerlifter, and hunting for vinyl records for their eclectic collection.

SUNY, Oneonta (B.S. – Computer Art)

New York City
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